Are you ready for ICD-11

The International Classification of Diseases, Eleventh Revision for Mortality and Morbidity Statistics (ICD-11 MMS), referred to here as ICD-11, has had several phases of development since the formal launch of the ICD revision process in 2007. The process incorporated a wide range of clinical, scientific and technical advice and requirements of future users of the classification for statistical and clinically-related purposes.

On 18 June 2018, the ICD-11 was made available as a preparation for implementation version. This Eleventh revision is a considerable advance on the Tenth Revision, with features that mean transition to it will involve a range of activities that need to be planned carefully in each country.

Considerable lead time will be required in order to plan your pathway towards ICD-11 implementation for both mortality and morbidity national and international reporting. Some countries will transition from ICD-10, or a modification of ICD-10 to ICD-11. Some may implement ICD-11 without needing to replace legacy ICD-10 systems. No matter whether it is a transition plan or an implementation plan, NCCH International Services can help provide you with the best implementation support and training services wherever you are in the world.

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The following short survey has been designed to help you start thinking about the activities that your country will need to undertake if the decision is made to implement ICD-11. We will be collating the responses we receive to this short survey and will be publishing the results of the survey on our website. The results will show how ready we all are for ICD-11 implementation.

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