ICPC-2 PLUS is a clinical terminology classified to the International Classification of Primary Care (ICPC), Version 2 (ICPC-2). ICPC-2 permits health care providers to classify, using a single classification, three important elements of the health care encounter; reasons for encounter (RFE), diagnoses or problems, and processes of care. Problem orientation of the medical record and linkage of encounters over time permits classification of an episode of care from the beginning with an RFE to its conclusion with a more defined problem, diagnosis, or disease.

ICPC-2 PLUS is used in electronic health records systems in primary care. ICPC-2 PLUS is a user-friendly coding system, allowing health professionals to record symptoms, diagnoses (problem labels), past health problems and processes (such as procedures, counselling and referrals) at the point of care. It currently contains approximately 8,000 terms, based on terms commonly used in Australian general practice.

ICPC-2 PLUS is installed in various software packages and used in electronic health record (EHR) systems. At present, approximately 5,000 GPs in more than 550 practices throughout Australia use ICPC-2 PLUS in their EHR systems.

The terminology is maintained and regularly updated by the National Centre for Classification in Health (NCCH). Users of ICPC-2 PLUS are actively involved in the ongoing development of the terminology. New versions are released twice each year.

Links ICPC-2 PLUS: http://sydney.edu.au/health-sciences/ncch/icpc-2-plus/overview.shtml
  ICPC-2: http://sydney.edu.au/health-sciences/ncch/icpc-2/about.shtml


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